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Frosting Marketing Guidelines


We are so happy that you have chosen Frosting to help grow your bakery. Now that you are up and running, we want to provide you with some tools and tips to help you increase customer awareness, so your customers can start placing orders today!

Marketing buttons

One of the first steps your should take is to add a marketing button to your website that links to your Frosting store.  We built the buttons so you don’t have to.  You’ll need two things:  An image that you will use as the button and your Frosting store URL.

Store URL

Steps to find your Frosting Store URL:
  1.  Go to the Find a Bakery page.
  2.  Click on your bakery.
  3. Right-click on the URL in the Address bar and select ‘Copy’.

* Note: You can follow the steps above to create links to products as well.


Steps to download a button:
  1.  Right-click in the center of the button your want to use.
  2.  Select ‘Save Image As…’ and download the image to your computer.
  3. Upload the image to your website.
  4. Point the link to your Frosting Store or product listing by pasting the link you copied earlier.

Small - 32px height

Medium - 64px height

Large (Order Online) - 123px height

Large (Find us on) - 118px height

Long - 95px height

Large Box - 79px height

Square Button - 32px height


If you need help inserting the button on your website you can always reach out to us at Contact us