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How to Write Effective Product Titles

Your Product Title is the most important text on your listing.  Why?  Because it’s the first text that a customer will read and it will be the headline on Google search results and Facebook posts. 

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Best Practices to create Product Titles

Standardize your Product Titles

  • Less time spent coming up with new Product Titles
  • Customers can quickly identify the exact product they are looking for
  • Much more visually appealing Shop Page

Some product categories are more straightforward than others.  When it comes to creating a Product Title for a key lime pie ‘Key Lime Pie’ works fine.  Other categories like cakes and cookies can be more challenging, but you will be able to breeze through it if you have a standard and stick to it.

Below are some templates and examples to get you started. 


(1)Theme (2)Holiday or Occasion (3)Product Category – Size
(1)Elf on the Shelf (2)Christmas (3)Cake – 15 Servings
(1)Sprinkle Covered (2)Birthday (3)Cake – 20 Servings

Decorated Cookies

(1)Theme (2)Holiday or Occasion (3)Product Category
(1)Elegant (2)Baby Shower (3)Cookies
(1)#1 Teacher (2) Back to School (3)Cookie & Gift Card

You might not want to add a Size if you are going to allow customers to choose from different sizes and quantities.

Use focus keywords for your title

Simpler, focused titles are usually better.  So how would you put this into practice?  Think about the first sentence that a customer would say if they were ordering this item in person. 

It would probably sound something like this, “My daughter is graduating college, and I would like to order a Dr. Seuss themed graduation cake for the party.”

A simple Product Title for this cake could be: Dr. Seuss Graduation Cake

💥 Boom! Done! 👏

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