Technical Requirements

  • JPED (.jpeg/.jpg) or PNG (.png) format images
  • sRGB color mode
  • Cropped to 1:1 (square) or 3:4 (portrait. Default for iPhone photos.)
  • Resolution of up to 1500px in either length or width preferred.
  • 500px in either length or width is the minimum resolution
  • File sizes larger than 5MB may encounter issues when uploading.


  • Images must be of an actual item that you have made.  No stock photography.
  • Items must be in focus, well lit, color accurate, and rotated correctly.
  • No watermarks on images or over products.
  • Pornographic or offensive materials are not allowed.
  • The items should take up 80% or more of the image.
  • The bakery or baker is responsible for securing the rights to use any copy written or trademarked materials
Featured (Main) Image
  • All items must have a Featured Image.
  • The Featured Image should be a forward facing shot that shows the item in its entirety.
  • Featured (Main) images should only contain the items being sold and should not mislead or confuse the customer as to the quantity sold or items included.  If the listing is for half a dozen cookies, the featured image should only show 6 cookies. or If the listing is for a single cake, you should not show that item surrounded by other items like cookies.
  • The image should not contain additional text, watermarks, graphics, or borders.
Additional Images
  • Additional images are optional, but they are an excellent opportunity to show off your product’s details or how it would look in a stylized setting.
  • You can use items or objects to show scale or to give a stylized look.
  • Close up and detailed photos are allowed
  • You can add text to the image if it will help make their purchase.  Example: If you have one listing for multiple Christmas cookie packs you can add: Christmas Cookies  A, Christmas Cookies B, etc.  Make sure you use the same wording in the Options selection area.
  • You can include (and are encouraged to include) photos of your items incorporated in a display at a party or wedding.

Best Practices

  • It is a good practice to leave some negative space between the item and the edge of the image.
  • Listings on the Shop page will use a 3:4 ratio.  If you upload a square 1:1 image as your main image the system will crop the edges to make the image fit.
  • You can upload any ratio image as your main image, but try to keep a consistent ratio for each product category and for each image in the listing.
  • Simple backgrounds will show off your items better.