What we believe

Our Mission describes what we do. Our Principles describe how we do it.​​

Our Mission

Spread joy by helping people celebrate life’s sweetest occasions

Frosting is powered by people, empowered by technology.  Bakers create the centerpieces for the most important and joyous occasions in peoples’ lives.  Their cakes, cookies, and sweet treats are a reflection of customers’ hopes, dreams, and accomplishments.  By empowering bakeries with the eCommerce technology they need to thrive, Frosting brings people together to celebrate life’s sweetest occasions.

Our Mission 1 - Frosting

Our Principles

Deliver a 7 star experience

We solve problems to the highest standards we can.
Customers: We always start with the customer and work backward.
Bakeries: We are their biggest cheerleaders and act proactively to help them thrive.

Have an Entrepreneur’s Mindset​

Live with passion and purpose. Act with courage, persistence, and grit.
Don’t be afraid to swim upstream.
Do more with less.
Search for the win-win.

Champion Growth and Fulfillment Everyday

People want the opportunity to learn, grow in responsibilities, and contribute to others.
Clear common goals create passionate and purposeful work.
Long-term goals are accomplished by constant improvement.

Be a Servant Leader​

Servant leaders are good human beings who act with integrity and empathy towards others.
Leaders remove obstacles and enable the people around them to succeed.
Champion the success of others
Lead by example.

Respect for the Individual​

Creating trust and respect starts with open and honest relationships.
People function better when they are their authentic selves.
Diversity brings new perspectives, makes others think outside of the box, and encourages innovation.
We listen more than we talk.