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Sell on Frosting

Grow your business with the only online marketplace for bakeries and home bakers.

All the tools you need to start, run, and grow your bakery online.

What is Frosting?

Frosting is a community marketplace that allows customers to conveniently buy custom cakes, cookies, and other sweet treats from local bakeries and bakers online.

Mission driven

Frosting’s mission is to spread joy by helping people celebrate life’s sweetest occasions. We believe that the best way to accomplish this mission is by building a strong community of creative bakeries and entrepreneurial home bakers.

Our Mission & Principles

Convert your followers into customers

What can you sell on Frosting?

Baked Goods

From ordinary to extraordinary, if you can bake it you can sell it.

Cakes – Birthday, wedding, or by the slice
Cookies – chocolate chip to custom decorated
Pies – Summer Key Lime to Thanksgiving Sweet Potato pies
Breads – Gluten-Free, rolls, sourdough
Sweet Treats – macaroons, petit fours, cupcakes, and everything in between

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Frosting makes it easy for customers and businesses to buy curated monthly subscriptions. 

Waiting rooms – Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Banks, Car Dealerships
Birthday Cakes for monthly corporate birthday parties.
Logo cookies for businesses to send to clients and customers. – Mortgage Brokers, Realtors, Insurance Agents, Salesmen.


Meeting new customers while getting paid to do what you love is the ultimate win-win.

Here are some ideas: Birthday parties, girls’ night out, business team building, holiday-themed, churches, school.

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Grow your bakery like never before

We are here to guide you every step of the way because the only way we succeed is if you do too.  We can help launch your store, create item templates, advise on branding, product messaging, and photography.

  • Send customers to your own online shop URL
  • No limit to the number of items you can add to your shop
  • Build trust with customer reviews and testimonials
  • Attract customers with coupons, sales, or exclusive items
  • Easy payments with debit, credit cards, and automatic deposits

No signup fees, listing fees, or monthly fees.

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Ready to join?


Apply to join Frosting


Complete the registration.


List your first 10 items for sale.


Share your shop with your followers, friends, and family.

Common Questions

Frosting is open to all approved bakeries and home bakers.  We will collect some information from you to make sure that we are building a marketplace with the highest quality bakers.

Your sales will increase because Frosting reduces the hassle of ordering custom cakes, cookies, and baked goods. Studies have shown that customers spend more and shop more often if it is convenient. With Frosting customers can serve themselves by conveniently placing an order anytime, anywhere, and from any device.


Joining Frosting, creating your shop, and listing items are all free, plus you have freedom over what you charge.  There are two basic fees for bakeries: a 5% transaction fee on the total sale price (you keep 95%) and Stripe’s payment processing fee of 2.9% + $.30.


Customers pay a service fee which varies from 9-13%.  This helps us operate the Frosting platform and provide support. The fee varies based on several factors and is shown to customers at checkout before the order is placed.

Products – Upload your item photos and set the tone with your product descriptions.

Prices –  set prices that you feel good about to help you achieve profit targets.

Scheduling – block dates where you are full or unavailable

Policies – on returns and refunds.  We will always be there to mediate.

Accurately depict items through descriptions and images. Only list photos that accurately portray your baking and decorating skills.

Promptly respond to customer’s questions and orders.

Maintain a high customer review rating.

Avoid canceling orders. We understand that sometimes circumstances are out of your control, but we take canceled orders very seriously.

Be based in the United States (sorry Canada).

The owner’s name and contact information

A U.S. based bank account for billing and payments.

Completed all applicable registrations and obtained the licenses and permits required in your local jurisdiction.

Built on Pantheon

We built Frosting on the most reliable, high-performance, and scalable website hosting available.

CDN by Fastly

With 1000s of servers in 70+ locations, Fastly gives customers as fast an experience as possible.

Payments by Stripe

Stripe is the standard in online payments. Stripe Connect allows us to accept money and pay you as quickly as possible.

Daily Backups

We perform nightly automated backups of your transaction database, products, and images.

Secure Environment

Secure infrastructure, encrypted channels, HTTPS certs, and firewalls provide us with 99.99% uptime.

Support Services

Our US based support knows the business, the customer, and most importantly we know you.

Start selling online

We can typically have your shop open the same day you apply.

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